INFO465 Spring 2020

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23 Sites Comply With the SiteThumb Spec, tilt indicates non-compliance with others:

Channing Beauty

K Alali Thumbnail
K Alali
Logged: Log Ins: 68
Specs for local links, &c met!
8171 SQL 460 KBytes

Mac Kevin

H Alhashim Thumbnail
H Alhashim
Logged: Log Ins: 85
Specs for local links, &c met!
7930 SQL 424 KBytes


J Baracat Thumbnail
J Baracat
Logged: Log Ins: 96
46 SFTP 15 ?
7 Violations of Specs!
13148 SQL 896 KBytes

Wonder Parts

S Beniam Thumbnail
S Beniam
Logged: Log Ins: 1061
42 SFTP 2 ?
3 Violations of Specs!
72 SQL 1124 KBytes


N Caiafa Thumbnail
N Caiafa
Logged: Log Ins: 87
Specs for local links, &c met!
4813 SQL 528 KBytes


A Carpenter Thumbnail
A Carpenter
Logged: Log Ins: 152
Specs for local links, &c met!
62825 SQL 800 KBytes

Potatoes Inc

T Collins Thumbnail
T Collins
Logged: Log Ins: 41
73 SFTP 12 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
14777 SQL 644 KBytes


C Cubbage Thumbnail
C Cubbage
Logged: Log Ins: 40
Specs for local links, &c met!
18076 SQL 452 KBytes


J Gray Thumbnail
J Gray
Logged: Log Ins: 147
Specs for local links, &c met!
27641 SQL 1044 KBytes

Exotic Carz

S Gurung Thumbnail
S Gurung
Logged: Log Ins: 113
41 Violations of Specs!
482 SQL 872 KBytes

Watchmen Watches

E Hale Thumbnail
E Hale
Logged: Log Ins: 41
24 SFTP 1 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
9454 SQL 608 KBytes


T Kang Thumbnail
T Kang
Logged: Log Ins: 122
Specs for local links, &c met!
12625 SQL 1908 KBytes


J Lambert Thumbnail
J Lambert
Logged: Log Ins: 35
84 SFTP 43 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
27609 SQL 808 KBytes

C Larivey Thumbnail
C Larivey
Logged: Log Ins: 59
6 Violations of Specs!
647 SQL 668 KBytes

Watchmen Watches

V Le Thumbnail
V Le
Logged: Log Ins: 62
189 SFTP 56 ?
47 Violations of Specs!
1882 SQL 2436 KBytes

Watchmen Watches

W Melton Thumbnail
W Melton
Logged: Log Ins: 71
105 SFTP 41 ?
1 Violations of Specs!
23738 SQL 1764 KBytes

EA Mobile

M Patel Thumbnail
M Patel
Logged: Log Ins: 88
Specs for local links, &c met!
5361 SQL 720 KBytes

Car's Plus

F Perez Thumbnail

F Perez
Logged: Log Ins: 170
156 SFTP 72 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
41879 SQL 476 KBytes


Y Pineda Thumbnail
Y Pineda
Logged: Log Ins: 95
Specs for local links, &c met!
19470 SQL 592 KBytes

Jaime Jam

J Sanchez Thumbnail
J Sanchez
Logged: Log Ins: 50
15 SFTP 2 ?
21 Violations of Specs!
53 SQL 1092 KBytes

S Beauty

S Sumrean Thumbnail
S Sumrean
Logged: Log Ins: 44
20 SFTP 5 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
178 SQL 508 KBytes

KB 824

A Tahir Thumbnail
A Tahir
Logged: Log Ins: 154
55 SFTP 9 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
42553 SQL 604 KBytes


P Thomason Thumbnail
P Thomason
Logged: Log Ins: 49
Specs for local links, &c met!
11784 SQL 896 KBytes

It's a pleasure to relate that there are no SiteThumb errors for this class!

SiteThumb Spec: Make a thumbnail image consistent with your shop, consultancy, or hustle. Name the thumbnail exactly SiteThumb.jpg, SiteThumb.png, or SiteThumb.gif. Scale it exactly 180 pixels wide and 200 or fewer pixels high. Place it in your web directory with permissions set as 604. Animated gifs and transparency are welcome.

Other Spec Violations: References to SeSDoC or SEStates; Images not served locally or totalling more that .5 mbytes on the index page; Links to css, js not served locally; Internal or in-line styles; Missing or unchanged SiteSettings.php in home directory; Un-meaningful or inconsistent names for columns, variables, form elements, functions, objects, views, &c...

SiteThumb and other spec violations are updated every minute to help with debugging. The last update was 2020-06-24 08:49:07. Bash and SFTP history are updated every ten minutes so please check back later if you're interested in these.