INFO465 Spring 2020

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19 Sites Comply With the SiteThumb Spec, tilt indicates non-compliance with others:


A Abbasi Thumbnail
A Abbasi
Logged: Log Ins: 81
113 SFTP 40 ?
170 Violations of Specs!
3258 SQL 704 KBytes


M AbuFadel Thumbnail
M AbuFadel
Logged: Log Ins: 194
236 SFTP 102 ?
232 Violations of Specs!
4704 SQL 1000 KBytes

Syed's Tech

S Ahsan Thumbnail

S Ahsan
Logged: Log Ins: 76
56 SFTP 7 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
6809 SQL 328 KBytes

Screen Saver

G Akpakli Thumbnail
G Akpakli
Logged: Log Ins: 69
32 SFTP 15 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
1589 SQL 488 KBytes


C Bennett Thumbnail

C Bennett
Logged: Log Ins: 89
32 SFTP 1 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
16394 SQL 320 KBytes


E Dong Thumbnail
E Dong
Logged: Log Ins: 79
31 SFTP 7 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
15042 SQL 408 KBytes


A Demo Thumbnail

A Demo
Logged: Log Ins: 8
102 Violations of Specs!
0 SQL 596 KBytes


C Everett Thumbnail
C Everett
Logged: Log Ins: 44
100 SFTP 53 ?
75 Violations of Specs!
759 SQL 696 KBytes

Cool Chocolate

S Ford Thumbnail
S Ford
Logged: Log Ins: 137
90 SFTP 49 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
126153 SQL 460 KBytes


R Johnson Thumbnail
R Johnson
Logged: Log Ins: 82
Specs for local links, &c met!
11960 SQL 2008 KBytes


S Kadel Thumbnail
S Kadel
Logged: Log Ins: 56
97 SFTP 12 ?
61 Violations of Specs!
120 SQL 632 KBytes

Candy Land

A Kaur Thumbnail
A Kaur
Logged: Log Ins: 58
Specs for local links, &c met!
143 SQL 312 KBytes

Gregg's Egg

C Mitolo Thumbnail
C Mitolo
Logged: Log Ins: 52
39 Violations of Specs!
2188 SQL 1152 KBytes


S Mohamud Thumbnail
S Mohamud
Logged: Log Ins: 44
4 Violations of Specs!
4570 SQL 708 KBytes


S Oakes Thumbnail

S Oakes
Logged: Log Ins: 126
47 SFTP 21 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
6454 SQL 1096 KBytes


E Powell Thumbnail
E Powell
Logged: Log Ins: 58
28 SFTP 2 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
47579 SQL 752 KBytes


R Sagastume Thumbnail
R Sagastume
Logged: Log Ins: 60
63 Violations of Specs!
4584 SQL 692 KBytes


B Salter Thumbnail

B Salter
Logged: Log Ins: 22
28 Violations of Specs!
20633 SQL 888 KBytes


P Shah Thumbnail
P Shah
Logged: Log Ins: 67
23 SFTP 3 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
17645 SQL 1328 KBytes

It's a pleasure to relate that there are no SiteThumb errors for this class!

SiteThumb Spec: Make a thumbnail image consistent with your shop, consultancy, or hustle. Name the thumbnail exactly SiteThumb.jpg, SiteThumb.png, or SiteThumb.gif. Scale it exactly 180 pixels wide and 200 or fewer pixels high. Place it in your web directory with permissions set as 604. Animated gifs and transparency are welcome.

Other Spec Violations: References to SeSDoC or SEStates; Images not served locally or totalling more that .5 mbytes on the index page; Links to css, js not served locally; Internal or in-line styles; Missing or unchanged SiteSettings.php in home directory; Un-meaningful or inconsistent names for columns, variables, form elements, functions, objects, views, &c...

SiteThumb and other spec violations are updated every minute to help with debugging. The last update was 2020-08-18 08:37:08. Bash and SFTP history are updated every ten minutes so please check back later if you're interested in these.