INFO465 Summer 2018

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21 Sites Comply With the SiteThumb Spec, tilt indicates non-compliance with others:


E Bruck Thumbnail
E Bruck
Logged: Log Ins: 67
18 SFTP 3 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
0 SQL 7600 KBytes


J Fedoryk Thumbnail
J Fedoryk
Logged: Log Ins: 104
54 SFTP 6 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
17108 SQL 1172 KBytes

RS Gold

S Figarella Thumbnail
S Figarella
Logged: Log Ins: 74
34 SFTP 1 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
2176 SQL 2428 KBytes


E Fortner Thumbnail

E Fortner
Logged: Log Ins: 65
Specs for local links, &c met!
4028 SQL 800 KBytes

Toyota Trader

J Fultz Thumbnail
J Fultz
Logged: Log Ins: 87
Specs for local links, &c met!
504 SQL 364 KBytes

Pho King

E Jeong Thumbnail
E Jeong
Logged: Log Ins: 189
89 SFTP 39 ?
3 Violations of Specs!
0 SQL 1156 KBytes

Fire Kicks

J Jones Thumbnail
J Jones
Logged: Log Ins: 56
92 SFTP 15 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
0 SQL 2184 KBytes

Bob's Burgers

K Jones Thumbnail
K Jones
Logged: Log Ins: 119
42 SFTP 3 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
2160 SQL 1184 KBytes

DCF Store

M LaScala Thumbnail
M LaScala
Logged: Log Ins: 50
14 SFTP 1 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
870 SQL 1444 KBytes

Justin's Used Cars

J Paes Thumbnail
J Paes
Logged: Log Ins: 99
76 SFTP 4 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
89 SQL 2248 KBytes


L Piana Thumbnail
L Piana
Logged: Log Ins: 336
289 SFTP 76 ?
3 Violations of Specs!
9531 SQL 1976 KBytes


G Ryan Thumbnail
G Ryan
Logged: Log Ins: 56
24 SFTP 10 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
2228 SQL 2064 KBytes

Ben's Bikes

J Sander Thumbnail
J Sander
Logged: Log Ins: 92
54 SFTP 18 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
41871 SQL 380 KBytes

Nike Emp

A Singh Thumbnail
A Singh
Logged: Log Ins: 87
1 Violations of Specs!
17183 SQL 788 KBytes

Computer Hardware Emporium

S Solanky Thumbnail
S Solanky
Logged: Log Ins: 69
72 SFTP 27 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
1204 SQL 536 KBytes

Session's Salute

A Sosale Thumbnail
A Sosale
Logged: Log Ins: 84
Specs for local links, &c met!
15095 SQL 296 KBytes


S Tu Thumbnail
S Tu
Logged: Log Ins: 170
100 SFTP 23 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
14830 SQL 1108 KBytes

Burger Mart

P Walsh Thumbnail
P Walsh
Logged: Log Ins: 67
70 SFTP 23 ?
2 Violations of Specs!
15848 SQL 2288 KBytes

Mischief Menagerie

C Warner Thumbnail
C Warner
Logged: Log Ins: 84
Specs for local links, &c met!
7788 SQL 636 KBytes


M Willson Thumbnail
M Willson
Logged: Log Ins: 62
39 SFTP 1 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
3929 SQL 1248 KBytes

Just Spice

J Wilson Thumbnail
J Wilson
Logged: Log Ins: 57
Specs for local links, &c met!
3103 SQL 660 KBytes

3 sites do not comply with the SiteThumb spec

SiteThumb Spec: Make a thumbnail image consistent with your shop, consultancy, or hustle. Name the thumbnail exactly SiteThumb.jpg, SiteThumb.png, or SiteThumb.gif. Scale it exactly 180 pixels wide and 200 or fewer pixels high. Place it in your web directory with permissions set as 604. Animated gifs and transparency are welcome.

Other Spec Violations: References to SeSDoC or SEStates; Images not served locally or totalling more that .5 mbytes on the index page; Links to css, js not served locally; Internal or in-line styles; Missing or unchanged SiteSettings.php in home directory; Un-meaningful or inconsistent names for columns, variables, form elements, functions, objects, views, &c...

SiteThumb and other spec violations are updated every minute to help with debugging. The last update was 2018-09-04 15:03:03. Bash and SFTP history are updated every ten minutes so please check back later if you're interested in these.