INFO465 Spring 2020

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24 Sites Comply With the SiteThumb Spec, tilt indicates non-compliance with others:

Exotic Fruit Basket

J Alphonse Thumbnail
J Alphonse
Logged: Log Ins: 299
405 SFTP 212 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
15187 SQL 916 KBytes


B Alvare Thumbnail
B Alvare
Logged: Log Ins: 59
40 SFTP 12 ?
3 Violations of Specs!
205 SQL 912 KBytes

Rams Computers

Z Amonoo Thumbnail

Z Amonoo
Logged: Log Ins: 31
Spec Violations: 103 175 SQL 988 KBytes

Dunder Mifflin Sneakers

A Asgedom Thumbnail
A Asgedom
Logged: Log Ins: 54
86 Violations of Specs!
17876 SQL 1432 KBytes

The Movement

J Casey Thumbnail
J Casey
Logged: Log Ins: 111
Specs for local links, &c met!
11103 SQL 1208 KBytes


M Chudasama Thumbnail
M Chudasama
Logged: Log Ins: 125
28 SFTP 7 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
5346 SQL 9576 KBytes


J Coveney Thumbnail
J Coveney
Logged: Log Ins: 132
253 SFTP 82 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
30362 SQL 1072 KBytes


F Erroa Thumbnail
F Erroa
Logged: Log Ins: 52
38 Violations of Specs!
18398 SQL 1940 KBytes


E Faik Thumbnail
E Faik
Logged: Log Ins: 51
42 Violations of Specs!
7846 SQL 964 KBytes


A Guo Thumbnail
A Guo
Logged: Log Ins: 147
115 SFTP 14 ?
21 Violations of Specs!
10813 SQL 1376 KBytes

RAM Computers

Y Jemere Thumbnail

Y Jemere
Logged: Log Ins: 45
Specs for local links, &c met!
10222 SQL 808 KBytes

Rave Rat Records

R Miller Thumbnail
R Miller
Logged: Log Ins: 110
48 SFTP 22 ?
15 Violations of Specs!
9293 SQL 2472 KBytes

The Mvmnt

P Nguyen Thumbnail
P Nguyen
Logged: Log Ins: 52
78 SFTP 25 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
7605 SQL 352 KBytes

Exotic Fruit Basket

V Nguyen Thumbnail
V Nguyen
Logged: Log Ins: 123
77 SFTP 29 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
14157 SQL 1128 KBytes


J Nickens Thumbnail
J Nickens
Logged: Log Ins: 64
Specs for local links, &c met!
18146 SQL 272 KBytes

Fruit Basket

F Oropeza Thumbnail
F Oropeza
Logged: Log Ins: 84
311 SFTP 115 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
59513 SQL 560 KBytes

Dunder Mifflin Sneakers

S Palikhe Thumbnail
S Palikhe
Logged: Log Ins: 127
428 SFTP 168 ?
86 Violations of Specs!
13285 SQL 396 KBytes

Rave Rat Records

C Parsons Thumbnail
C Parsons
Logged: Log Ins: 78
53 SFTP 27 ?
1 Violations of Specs!
17702 SQL 2748 KBytes


F Peuat Thumbnail
F Peuat
Logged: Log Ins: 80
95 SFTP 34 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
21592 SQL 708 KBytes

The Movement

A Phan Thumbnail
A Phan
Logged: Log Ins: 82
20 SFTP 2 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
23273 SQL 696 KBytes

Dunder Mifflin Sneakers

P Singh Thumbnail
P Singh
Logged: Log Ins: 45
105 Violations of Specs!
13 SQL 616 KBytes

Rave Rat Records

E Svera Thumbnail
E Svera
Logged: Log Ins: 92
57 SFTP 23 ?
Specs for local links, &c met!
14455 SQL 448 KBytes

Dunder Mifflin Sneakers

D Wallace Thumbnail
D Wallace
Logged: Log Ins: 20
106 Violations of Specs!
25 SQL 1428 KBytes

The Movement

S Workneh Thumbnail
S Workneh
Logged: Log Ins: 59
127 SFTP 77 ?
44 Violations of Specs!
3399 SQL 1908 KBytes

It's a pleasure to relate that there are no SiteThumb errors for this class!

SiteThumb Spec: Make a thumbnail image consistent with your shop, consultancy, or hustle. Name the thumbnail exactly SiteThumb.jpg, SiteThumb.png, or SiteThumb.gif. Scale it exactly 180 pixels wide and 200 or fewer pixels high. Place it in your web directory with permissions set as 604. Animated gifs and transparency are welcome.

Other Spec Violations: References to SeSDoC or SEStates; Images not served locally or totalling more that .5 mbytes on the index page; Links to css, js not served locally; Internal or in-line styles; Missing or unchanged SiteSettings.php in home directory; Un-meaningful or inconsistent names for columns, variables, form elements, functions, objects, views, &c...

SiteThumb and other spec violations are updated every minute to help with debugging. The last update was 2021-01-10 16:46:02. Bash and SFTP history are updated every ten minutes so please check back later if you're interested in these.